MOTIVATION archerarcher1

The archer was having a hard time with shooting his bow. He tried for hours on end to hit the bulls eye of the target.

Nightfall approached, and just when he had about given up hope, he looked up to notice a beautiful star. So he wished upon it, hoping it would bring him good luck in the tournement tommorow.

mother The winner recieves a kiss and gets to spend one afternoon with the princess. mother

The archer was bound and determined to get that kiss and afternoon with the princess, so he reached for his bow, aimed it straight at the target, and released. With such ease and grace, he managed to hit the bulls eye directly in the center. He held his pose for quite sometime and then relaxed with a large sigh. He didn't know what came over him, but he looked up at that star and said, “Thank you, all I needed was a little motivation”


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