Project 1: Hactivism

Hacking the Ten Commandments

I have created a page in which I want people to blog their thoughts and feelings regarding the Ten Commandments. We may or may not agree with them, but it's time for us to talk amongst each other and share our compassion, comments, and concerns when it comes to a set of rules.

We all abide by sets of rules and regulations, whether it be in life, sports, school, rules set by our parents and guardians, leaders, and so forth. But what if someone 'hacked' our set of daily rules to which we are accustomed? What then? Would we be able to handle the chaos to which may be emerged, or can we continue living as if nothing has changed? Our rules may change, and our codes to which have been set in our heads may one day cease to exist, so we must work together and come up with ideas to help us with our faith in living a happy life.

Feel free to post your thoughts and feelings about sets of 'rules' to which you feel could use adjusting. I have chosen the Ten Commandments because I do not feel as though God would have wanted us to fulfill every single one if he did not make us 'who we are'.

The Ten Commandments:

Although these are not the exact texts written, they are the what each rule stands for. I for one do not agree with most of these to some extent, but feel as though others should be respected.


It's still a work in progress...

Project 2: Autobotography

Originally, I had planned to set up my GoPro cam, and record places and things I did through out the day, however, seeing as how that's kind of already been done and wouldn't really give you the understanding of who I am, I am going to change my intent, so that now, I am going to be doing a more in depth personal interview with myself.

I plan to share certain things about myself recorded via digital camera, and edited on a movie maker. I am kind of doing a documentary but by myself, so it's like an auto-documentary, type of thing. This way, you'll get to know the real me, see the different places I talk about, and your not just seeing normal daily activities...could potentially post on youtube once I am finished.

Project 3: Deep Play

Here is where you will find my High School Hell Game where you can see a rough draft outline of what the board game may look like, along with some examples of questions the person may have to answer. The game is all depends on how much effort you put into it. It would be a good game for kids in middle school that will be enetering high school. It tackles issues at school, home, sports, etc. Also fun because you will get to dress up!

High School Hell Game

Project 4: EchoTech

Below is the link to my page regarding the Echo Tech portion of this course!

Echo Tech Project