Journal Entries


  1. I want to take pictures of people all doing different things, and place them into one setting making it look like they are all in one photo
  2. Take photos of different trees and plants throughout the 4 seasons and merge them by making each season a different layer and lighting up the opacity to see
    what it looks like as a whole picture
  3. Capture really emotional candid’s
  4. Write a full story with illustrated work through out the story
  5. Record my fathers band practice and concerts and create a viewable dvd
  6. Record and edit really funny home made videos of my friends and I so that we will have them forever
  7. Create my own optical illusions using the computer
  8. Learn how to edit sound in garage band and other programs better than I can right now
  9. I would like to learn how to draw and create a large image by hand then digitally alter it to make it into a poster
  10. Record a day in my life that is really hectic and turn it into a documentary story
  11. Photoshop different pictures together to make it look like optical illusions.
  12. Create short narrative films that I can post on facebook or youtube that everyone can enjoy (already have done this thanks to the narrative story)
  13. Print my own adhesive pictures to place on my walls
  14. I wish I could learn to do more with Photoshop as far as opacity, masking, and turning my pictures into something completely different.
  15. Disney and Pixar are most inspiring to me, not just the amusement park, but the ideas and concepts Walt Disney came up with during his time.
  16. Did you know that when Snow White first came out in the 30’s people were afraid that sitting through a movie that was over an hour long would make you go
    stupid or blind? They didn’t think it was possible to watch a movie for that long!
  17. Create video promos
  18. Its fun to use your funniest friends to help you with your homework
  19. Found that when you have a solid set idea for how to do a movie, you get it done a lot faster than if you are struggling to come up with an idea

    Some Website Links I Found

  37. a.

    More Ideas

  41. At Disney, in my class, I suggested adding a Hollywood Squarewith the customers name and date on the star and maybe a photo if they want. It will
    as if the person purchases their very own star. This was going to go through, but I left the program before I could present this.
  42. Do different 3D puzzles and set them up in a little town like on a table. Then take photos of them as if I was within the little town
  43. Take my photos and possibly try and paint them using different paint techniques
  44. I would love to take family photos/pet photos as a job
  45. Landscape photos are my passion. I enjoy collecting photos and prints with landscape settings on them
  46. More Websites