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Bonjour! This is my NMD206 Website. Here you will be able to explore all my homework and reading responses for this class.. Please Enjoy =)

About This Course


This core New Media course grounds you in the critical language, concepts, and creative practice in the field of New Media.

Our basic questions will be: what is New Media? what are the issues, ideas or controversies explored by New Media artists? how can/does New Media shape our culture and experience? what can I make, when I make New Media work? and why do i make it? what critical issues of our times can New Media address and how? and how can i participate --via new media--in the unfolding story of my culture?

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  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Renegade Virus
  • Virtual Reality: Afraid of Heights
  • Virtual Realtiy: Army Training
  • Justin.tv: Broadcasting
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