Assignments (Page 1)
Truth, Truth, Lie

Lying Beneathe The Truth

This assignment was given to use on the first day of class. We were to write three things: 2 truths about yourself, and 1 lie. Can you tell what's true and what's not?

Writing Role Models

Who Inspires Me

This assignment is about posting who inspires us as role models in the literature/movie world. Although there are many forms of story telling, these four authors give me the inspiration I need when it comes to writing my own stories. They each bring something different to the table, whether it be drama, horror, sex, enchanted worlds, love, death, and murder!

Past Assignments

This is a link to one of my stories I created in NMD203. It was considered one of my favorites that I wrote. It lets you choose your own destiny! Check it out!

NMD270-Wii Promo

Here is a video I created that tells a story of just what happens when people get into playing Wii video games!

Relationship Connections

This is another story I did for NMD203. I wanted to show the ironic connections that I have had with my relationships in comparison to my parents. I've always heard the phrase, A girl chooses to be with someone that's like her father, and a boy chooses a girl like his mother Is this true? You be the judge.